SEO: Some tips for more page views

The visitors are always an important thing. More Visitors who stay longer on the website and read more articles means more advertising revenue. However, how do you realize such a value to the reader? What options are there to keep visitors on your own site? Two variants I will quote briefly here.

High quality content

This is the main point. No one looks at sites that have only a high keyword density, but offer no meaningful content. Take care an issue to deal well and comprehensively. It is also important to see an issue from different angles and then present. The high quality contentis a pleasureto the reader. The more good content provides a site, the more it is also considered and the longer the reader will be left to maybe find some more good articles on their website. Do not copy content!

Added value Related articles

For readers of a website it is important that the information that he is looking good and qualitative are the treat this an issue comprehensively. Therefore, it is important to provide the reader with an added value. The Internet consists of links. Therefore should be located in the articles of their website links. There are, for example, the relative’s article.

Through links to related articles, the reader a value is offered. If they use WordPress to manage their website, they can use various plugins to show of Related Articles. For example, the WordPress plugin Contextual Related Posts. This is the simplest way to relative’s article. Another plugin for WordPress would be all in one Related Posts. This plugin is something beautiful in design and can display images next to each product proposals.

If a reader wants more information about the website that topic, so it can easily and effectively be done on your own website to the next article. The added value for the webmaster is not too bad. Instead of a page view, and a visit time of maybe 2 or 3 minutes, so there is maybe 4 or 5 page views and visitors to stay longer on the corresponding website.